Wednesday 15 October 2008

Puppydog tails

Here is the first picture of the new addition to the CFZ - my border collie puppy, who has been christened Biggles. He is a cute bundle of energy and is settling down here extremely well. It is, of course, a highly fine tuned exercise trying to persuade him that outside is really the most ideal place to empty his bladder and bowels, but we are getting there slowly. He arrived with us last Friday at the grand old age of 9 weeks and is definitely living up to the border collie trait of being very quick to learn basic commands.

It took him about ten minutes to discover the delightful prank of nicking the cat food and about another ten to discover the not so delighful obligatory hissy fit from the cats at his arrival on to their 'patch'. It will be interesting to see how relationships develop there then. I have a sneaky feeling that they will not be too pleased if he tries to round them up like sheep.