Sunday 13 May 2007

Did Jon get his just desserts?

Sunday is upon us - traditionally a day of rest for those who have been hard at it throughout the other days of the week. At the CFZ, however, this rule does not necessarily apply. By its very nature, the CFZ's doors are never really shut, but don't get me wrong, I am not complaining in the least.

After blatantly ignoring the alarm when it awoke me at 8.30, and hearing the rain as it beat down in torrents outside the bedroom window, I turned over and managed a few hours extra kip this morning. However, it was not long before we were all up and raring to go. After I had spent a short while in the hub of the house planning all important desserts (stressed spelt backwards, interestingly enough) for the next few days, Richard and I did a little more work on the new book that I told you about last time.

Since he got up, Jon has been trying, without much success unfortunately, so far, to upload the Gambia Expedition film, on to You Tube. Tenacious as he is, though, I am sure that, by the time day-break is upon us tomorrow, he will have succeeded in his mission. If nothing else, once he gets his teeth into something it takes something of mammoth importance to shake their grip loose. Not even cake or pie can deter him when set upon his task (however, after reading this he says, of course, his attention can be swayed by cake or pie).

Fuelled by copious cups of tea, plus a comedy argument over whether Jon should be allowed any cheesecake for pudding (considering he had two breakfasts), thus has been spent this Sunday at CFZ headquarters. So far ...

PS: The Battle of the Cheesecake has been fought and won - so guess who had his cake and ate it too?

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