Thursday 18 October 2007


For Jon's birthday, I bought him a mobile phone to replace the ancient one that he had, which had long since given up the ghost.

Last Monday, on our way back from Hastings, we stopped in at Drusilla's Animal Park where we did a spot of filming. Jon had just undertaken some pieces to camera and was checking that they had come out OK, so while he was doing so, I amused myself by taking some photos of the general vicinity. In the course of doing this, I took these pictures of Jon, which, when I looked at them later, lended themselves perfectly to a bit of wifely playfulness (all in the best possible taste of course) and - with full permission of the victim himself - I present them, with tongue firmly in cheek and a wicked glint in my eye, to you below:

"This is a funny looking phone"

"I can't hear you!"

"I am not so sure this IS a phone you know"

"Hello?! **##**"

"What's that dear? It's a video camera?"

"Hmm, why didn't someone tell me that before. Now I feel like a right dog's dinner ...."


LesleyinNM said...

I think all husbands are alike. Mine looks at the phone I got him like it is something from outer space.

Anonymous said...

I know - what are they like eh? lol