Thursday 1 November 2007


Or.... as Dr. Frankenstein could well have announced at some time during his dubious career, "The experiment is nearly complete" (well the 'nuts and bolts' of it anyway, I have to add with a wry smile). I am not referring to some experiment of my own with bloodied, dismembered body parts of the lads here at CFZHQ (although that is rather a thought-provoking concept of delicious proportions) - I am referring to the rainfall experiment mentioned in a previous blog. Yes, I can report that the tank is still in situ in front of the office window, smack bang in front of the gate and in full view of any passerby who may turn their head in the garden's direction as they amble down the road. (Well Jon has always said he wanted something big and eye-catching as visitors arrived). Furthermore, no, it has not been emptied. So, after recent rainfall - as you can see - the tank is now almost full! I suppose, on the face of it, this was rather a pointless exercise - little things please little minds -but to conclude - since 15th June the precipitation in these parts measures 17 inches. I have no idea whatsoever whether this is below, above or just average for the period of time in question. Anyone out there know of such facts?

Perhaps, however, it was not such a pointless experiment, for, as Oll pointed out, it will be interesting to see what, if any, lifeforms have taken up residence in the tank's murky waters.

As for an update into things here in North Devon:
It took me a day to fold, stuff, seal and frank all the envelopes, but Issue 41 of Animals & Men was sent out last week to all our members - with only one paper cut inflicted! Don't you just hate those darn things?! However, this was nothing compared to how many days it took valiant Oll to photocopy, collate, staple and guillotine them all in the days beforehand!

Jon has been busy with the second of the new monthly films about what's going on in our world and this has now been uploaded to YouTube. Take a look here: On the Track and let us know what you think. Jon has used some of his own music as an accompaniment this time round. He has just finished recording his new album and I must say that it comprises a pretty darn good selection of tracks. Well done sweetie - I know it has taken you a long time to finish, but it was worth it in the end.

Things have been gathering pace in readiness for the imminent expedition to South America and you can read all about that on the dedicated Guyana Expedition blog.... I guess you could say that it looks like it is going to be an exciting and interesting month.

I have been having fun (did I actually say 'fun'?) with Excel spreadsheets these past couple of days trying to make some sense of our book-keeping. All very complicated and I won't bore you with the details, except to add that by the time I had downed tools on Wednesday night I was seeing double, and my brain felt like it was oozing from out of my ears.

Well I am off now, back to columns A, B, C ............

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