Friday 23 January 2009

From Milan to Yucatan

I am not one to labour a point (yeah right I hear Jon say) but since posting my blog yesterday, Jon has given me some sketches of the Owlman so that the aforementioned t-shirt can be compared more easily.

Now, if you feel like tottering down to your local store to see the piece of clothing for yourselves, I have to remind you that Topshop is the fashion store for the female of the species and Topman is the equivalent for the males of this world. You will not find the t-shirt in the former as they will probably only have t-shirts sporting fluffy bunnies or sparkly bits. No, the t-shirts adorned with monsters are found in the testosterone area.

I am tempted to ask why it is that, as a general rule - from tiny tots to adulthood - males always seem to get the best gear? Us females don't always want to dress in pink and sequins you know. But, I shall stop before I get involved and just return to my 'was always such and will always be' stance and just get on with it.

Back to the subject in hand, however. Below are the sketches so that you can see the similarity for yourselves.

The Owlman has not been seen for many years. Is this, perhaps, the start of a new spate of sightings of sorts? He could soon be visiting local pubs, fish and chip shops, and supermarkets and may even get to visit Buckingham Palace one day. He could even spread his wings further afield and visit the Taj Mahal or the Great Pyramids. Now there is a thought.

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