Sunday 16 August 2009

Sticky backed plastic

Saturday at the Weird Weekend found me helping to make masks with children in true Blue Peter style, as well as presenting Jon with an award. It is the 10th anniversary of the Weird Weekend, as I am sure most of you reading this will know by now, so I decided that the occasion should be marked in some way. I was not sure, right up until the last moment, whether I would have the nerve or not. However, I did and I managed to stutter my way through a shortened version of what I had written out and gave myself a conceptual pat on the back for managing to do it.

As is usual with most Weird Weekends, I have not managed to see many of the lectures - so far one this year! But as a bonus, Saturday did fuel my notebook with one priceless quote for my future tome about life with the CFZ.


Meugher said...

I thought your bit at the end of the CFZ awards was lovely Corinna - a fitting tribute to Jon who is one of the loveliest people I known- but I bet he's a bugger to live with!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andy....hehe I could not possibly comment on the last bit >wink<