Monday 7 September 2009

Well done Naomi

As you will have read on the daily CFZ blog, the other day Naomi and Richie West reported on another anomalous dog found in Texas. They went to the taxidermist where the creature was being preserved, and, although the body had already been skinned and partly mounted, they were present when the taxidermist drilled into the skull causing bits of bone and brain to scatter.

It takes a certain kind of stomach to be able to watch any kind of ‘surgery’, be it on a live subject or one that has shuffled off its mortal coil, and Naomi and Richie were very brave to do such a thing. Cryptozoology has always been a bit of a man-thing for some reason as I have said before in my blog. Not only that, there are not many of those men who actually ‘get their hands dirty’, unless their computer keyboards are a bit dusty that is. However, not only has Naomi flown the flag for those women in the field , she has definitely thrown herself into it with gusto at witnessing such a stomach-churning event. My hat is off to you Naomi.

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Naomi said...

Thank you, Corinna. I didn't know beforehand what awaited me. Sometimes when we DON'T look before we leap, we find out what we are capable of.