Wednesday 16 February 2011

There may be something in the woods, but don't forget to check the cave systems too....

Whilst pottering around in Middle Earth last night – in the hills near Brockenborings in the Shire to be precise – I came across a wooden effigy that I must have walked past many times and had previously not noticed. However, considering the subject matter, it could well be that it had gone unnoticed on previous occasions merely because it was not there before (cue suitably eerie music from the orchestra just outside camera shot). I know all roads, where some members of the CFZ are concerned at least, tend to lead to Mawnan Church and the home of the infamous Owlman, but I had not expected, in my leisure time, to see him in a cave in the hills outside the village mentioned above.

He really does get everywhere, red eyes included, and as can be seen, my courageous little hobbit stood in awe for a few second just to allow the snapshot to be taken, before she moved hastily on. And the inhabitants of the cave system in question? Why, goblins of course. So it is not really surprising to see that he is batting for the darker side I suppose.

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