Tuesday 1 January 2013

Excuses, excuses

Oh dear.  It seems I only got around to doing 20 posts last year, and some of those were birthday greetings etc.  How remiss of me.  Since discovering this shocking statistic a few moments ago, I am now pondering on the reasons why.  Several, uh-hum, excuses come to mind:

  1. I have been busy trying to earn an honest crust
  2. I have been unmotivated
  3. Nothing much as happened other than the usual run of the mill stuff
  4. I have spent far too much time working on my book and short stories
  5. I re-discovered my love of needlework
  6. I stumble from one crisis to another
  7. My laptop broke
  8. My inspiration flew out of the window on the wings of the north wind
  9. My inspiration sailed down the road with all the other debris worked loose by the constant rain
  10. The dog ate my debit card (not really true, but it is a generic excuse often used,, hence it had to be added)
  11. My paying in book is underused (no sorry, that is on the wrong list too - that should be on the list of those who still owe me money)
  12. We have had lots of visitors
  13. Fingers have been - on occasion - too cold to type

I could go on.  But 13 seems a pretty good number for starters.  So one New Year's resolution I suppose is to get my finger (or fingers) out and be a little more proactive on my blogging escapades.  

Well, cheekily, I can count this as the first entry for 2013.

Happy New Year one and all
and may 2013 bring you good luck and happiness

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