Monday 9 September 2013

Bin art - the conclusion

Further to my last diatribe with reference to the kitchen bin, I can now reveal the culprit (s).  It is 4.00 am and all is quiet in the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.  Not in the kitchen anyway, until – that is – Morticia appears on an evening pad around the joint. Completely ignoring the bin at first, she is soon back to remove a scrunched up kitchen towel, then back for something else, and then on the third not-so-delicate pick, down the bin goes.   
But she doesn’t do much after that except for investigating the folded up empty fish and chip box.  Then into shot comes Lilith.  Hmm has this whole exercise merely been a training session for Lilith to learn how to hunt kitchen bins? Nearly an hour later Lilith appears slightly bored and wanders off, but comes back, listens to a few more instructions on disembowelling methods, and then disappears again. 

But that seems to have been that – Morticia merely felled the bin and then just kept sniffing around it on and off until 5.31 am, perhaps with the occasional lick of an empty sachet of cat food here and there.  Nothing occurred then until Morticia returned at 7.30 am, to take a couple of cursory sniffs and then leave  again. 

So how did the contents of the defenceless plastic receptacle end up strewn across the kitchen floor? Move forward to 8.20 am, and in comes Archie. You can almost sense his excitement when he sees the felled beast. He does not waste too much time before getting to grips with the contents and out they come.

And that is how the contents of the bin’s bowels ended up as a project of modern art in a sleepy North Devon village.

PS:  All precautions have now been taken to  secure the safety of the bin and its inner depths.  A chair was placed against it last night and one will continue  to be put there at night in the forthcoming future.    It looks like there are not only two felines here that are possible ASBO  material after all.

PPS: And it has since transpired that Morticia is a well-known felon and certainly not new to this kind of crime.  I have it on good authority that the bin at her previous abode suffered similar indignities. 

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