Friday 1 June 2007

Coughs and sneezles spread diseasels

Oh yes indeed, as those immortal words penned by the Revd. W. Awdry in Thomas the Tank Engine, so eloquently put it. Of those in residence at the moment, three members of the CFZ have been suffering from the dreaded lurgy (well just a nasty cold really, but that sounds more impressive). It leapt upon poor Oll first, on his return from a trip to London at the end of last week, and since then, both Jon and Richard seem to have succumbed to its evil powers. However, Graham and I (obviously made of sturdier stock lol) seem to have escaped it … so far. Hence, I have been wandering around equipped with pomanders of oranges and cloves, coupled with a hanky over my nose, at CFZ headquarters all this week.

Now, to update you on the main things happening here at Myrtle Cottage since my last entry: Graham has started work on the aviaries, despite being hampered by somewhat inclement and diabolical weather, and Jon, in between sneezing and spluttering, has been continuing with the new Exotic Pets magazine. It is looking pretty good I must say.

I am off to stay with my eldest daughter in Hatfield for a long weekend tomorrow. Her sister is joining us and we are all off for a busy shopping trip into London. No doubt, whilst I am away, the knotted hankies will be dusted down, beer cans will emerge from dusty corners, the language will probably degenerate and there will be much shuffling around in underwear all day. How do I come to this conclusion you may ask? Well the fact that, during the weekly shopping trip, Jon purchased a catering size box of crisps, two cases of beer and a gallon jar of pickled eggs can only lead me to this one conclusion – it is somewhat of a worrying thought is it not?

Thank goodness I persuaded him not to buy the giant catering tub of mayonnaise!

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