Friday 22 June 2007

After a quarter of a mile, at the next roundabout, take the second exit

Sat Navs. A peculiarly irritating, yet helpful, little box of technology. It takes you off the beaten track and leads you back where you should be with such understated grace and effort. You drive along, thinking to yourself “where on earth is this thing taking me?” when, lo and behold, you end up back on the road you should be via some of the most uninhabited, overgrown lanes you could ever imagine even existed.

There is the danger, though, of forgetting how to think for yourself. You could quite easily become quite blasé about where you are heading and not even bother to check out the road signs anymore. You don’t even have to check speed limits, for the machine will beep at you rudely if you exceed them. The feminine directions lull you into soporific comfort and the masculine voice booms at you of blackspots. It is like being back in class again, under the supervision of a particularly vehement English teacher, who makes you sit bolt upright in your seat and pay extreme attention to what is being said to you.

It would also be a very good idea for a book. Just think – if someone tampered with a batch of sat navs and sent the drivers off into the unknown to meet their doom at the hands of some deranged techno-mass murderer. Or even some unsuspecting high-ranking profile person could be kidnapped – led to their captors by a little box on their dashboard. Hmmm interesting concept eh?

To end, today I have come to realise that my blog entries are like London buses. You don’t see one for ages then you get five all at once!

Oh well, better that, than none at all.

After a hundred yards you have reached your destination ...

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