Monday, 15 February 2010

Family achievement

My big (ok well not big as in BIG, but big as in older) brother, Ant, and his family live over in Norfolk (Norwich is still my favourite city, but that is beside the point). His youngest daughter, Thea, is in her final year at university studying for a degree in Design. As part of her course she has been doing a placement with a design house in Leeds, and excitingly had a couple of designs accepted by a couple of well-known High Street names, one of which was Monsoon.

Ant sent me the following link to one of her designs:

Nightie by Thea

Pretty excellent achievement if you ask me, so congratulations Thea from your weird aunt, even weirder uncle, and not so weird cousins.

PS: By the way, my sweet little neice, my favourite colour is black, my most desired material is velvet and I am rather partial to a spot of finely woven lace. Size? …. well ask me in private.

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