Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jonathan and Graham go shopping

Whilst I was doing my thing in Bideford today, Jon and Graham went to do some banking and some supermarket shopping. There were a couple of things on the list that I had added, namely a shorthand notebook, a jar of marmalade and a packet of crispbreads. The shoppers met me at the allotted time and during the journey home Jon excitedly told me that he had managed to buy a nice selection of biscuits (Graham had too apparently, but he was being a bit silent about his purchases and furtively dispatched them to his room on our arrival home).

Jon demanded that I watched him unpack his provender and here follows a picture trail of the delight he expressed at his extreme cleverness:

A few seconds later, and I was not amused:

And when I thought it was nearly over:

There was more to come:

All in all 23 packets of the critters whilst Biggles sat hopefully:

Then Richard joined in on the festivities as they frolicked around the kitchen celebrating the cornucopia of E-numbers, with dancing to their very own song entitled The Biscuit Cavalcade:

The moral of this story is:

Never let a man looking like this loose in a supermarket when his latest fad is biscuits:

I know I have a telephone number for Bedlam somewhere.

I could inform Jon that I was always told that eating too many biscuits causes constipation. No doubt his response would be to mention that several of the packets are fig biscuits which will not only solve that problem but will also count towards his 5-a-day.

1 comment:

Syd said...

Well done Jon, I cannot fault you. A bit (23 packets) of what you fancy, does you good.
I hope Biggles gets his share (22 packets).