Wednesday 24 March 2010

Back in the UK

Hi there.

I am back to writing on my own blog after a two week visit to Texas, and methinks it is going to take a while to adjust to being back in the UK timeline. And there are hundreds of photos to sift through and log as well as diaries to update. I have been accused indirectly of being banal by blogging about something as mundane – although necessary – as packing whilst away so I had better not mention the piles of laundry I have to sort through either for risk of more recrimination. Or maybe I should write about it in detail and of the wonders of unintentional tie-dying between dark clothing and a stray item of light underwear for example.

The two weeks away from this country to stay with our friends Richie and Naomi were for a joint reason – one to look into some interesting reports of the mysterious blue dogs, and the other to have a holiday (in fact a kind of belated honeymoon for Jon and I as we have never really had the chance to partake in such a traditional thing since we were married in 2007). So mixed in with travelling from one part of Texas to the other to meet folks regarding the first reason, it was also a time to make new friends, meet old friends, and dine out and enjoy a few relaxed evenings catching up. It was great seeing Nick and Dana Redfern again and to actually meet Ken Gerhard in the flesh so to speak, after a few years of communicating only by email.

It is lovely seeing Biggles again; I can but hope that he stops following me quite so closely as if to make sure I don't disappear on him again. The cats, on the other hand, just greeted me with a 'meow' and hovered over their food bowl as if I had only been gone for one day.

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