Sunday 28 March 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon

After suffering two clock changes within a matter of a couple of weeks, the spring bunny seems to have hopped forward a bit too much for my liking. Even the world outside seems to have come to a standstill – there is no breeze and the hedgerow outside the dining room window seems to be standing to attention as if waiting for something; the only movement within the branches and foliage being a tiny wren as she goes about her business hunting insects. Oll is outside administering to the fish tanks and Biggles is annoyed that he thinks he is missing something. Jon is in the office, and upstairs is quiet as Graham has gone away for a week on family business.

All in all a very quiet Sunday afternoon, with no post and no telephone ringing. Time to gather one’s thoughts for the week ahead and map out a plan of action. There is a doctor’s appointment on the calendar for yours truly, plus a visit from Max Blake. Olivia (and Ivan hopefully) are popping down as well, plus there is paperwork still to complete. Oh and the purchase of those chocolate items of confectionary mentioned before of course.

There will also, no doubt, be the need for donning a helm when popping one’s head over the parapet to avoid the pugnacious bullets from pusillanimous protagonists who have nothing better to do. No matter, it all adds to the entertainment value of my warts and all record of events since I became involved in the CFZ where names will be named and truths will be told that up till now, out of moral propriety, have remained locked away in their allotted alphabetical files from A for Argyll to Z for zoo. Thumbs up for the wonders of shorthand, and a daily journal where conversations are logged word for word.

On the up side I am really pleased to learn that Ruby Lang and Mike Williams from CFZ Australia will be coming down to Devon to see us in June before they go up to Scotland to the BCIB conference. It will be great to see them both and I am looking forward to meeting them and giving them a warm Devonian welcome – there may even be some traditional cream teas involved.

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