Saturday 11 August 2007

Flying Low

The Weird Weekend is nearly upon us – this time next week it will be in full flow – this time in two weeks it will done and dusted for another year. Amongst all the preparations though, the highlight of this week for me is that my eldest, Shosh, is coming down again as she has another stint of EMS (extra mural studies) for her vet. med. degree - this time in relation to all things equine. Her fiancé, Gav, will be joining her at the weekend too. It is always lovely to see my girls and they also give me some much welcome, and very rare, female company in a house full of blokes. Olivia, though, is doing some holiday work in the next few weeks so will not be able to make the WW this year, so that is a shame. Anyway, as both Shosh and Gav will be here for the event, and the hectic planning beforehand, I hope it doesn’t frighten them off! The comings and goings at CFZHQ don’t seem to have yet, so here’s hoping!

You may remember me mentioning that Mrs Miggins, my Vietnamese praying mantis, had died a few weeks back. I now have to report that, during the past week, despite him tucking into his victuals and looking quite happy and content (in a praying mantis kind of way) Mr. Miggins has now joined her in the great insect-infested forest in the sky. Oh well, these things happen, but are sad all the same.

To update you all on my last entry, I have had to come to the miserable conclusion that as my car, Pru, will need nearly three times as much money spent on her -to get her sorted for another year - than she is worth in real terms, the time has come for me to have to let her go. She is riddled with that bane of most cars – rust – and I fear it will be a losing battle in years to come. Hey ho - sniff.

Let me finish on a brighter and rather funnier note.

Yesterday found Jon and I having to make a quick visit to Barnstaple. I shall not go into the details of why or where exactly, as these facts are of no particular interest or relevance. Nevertheless, whether it was because it was a quick exit from the house - and Jon had left it to the last minute before getting changed - or whether it was the physical movement of sitting down on a stool at our destination I am not sure, but I found myself having to place myself discreetly in front of him. As he sat down I had caught a glimpse of flesh that would not normally be seen unless on a beach. Gasping with shock (and some amusement) I realised that his lower garments were not as they should be!

I can only hope the reason for this was the latter, as we had walked some distance from the car park to our destination in Green Lanes Shopping Centre, and I shudder to think that he may have been walking along in this state of embarrassing undress. On the other hand though, thinking about it more deeply, it may explain the frightened looks from various children, and the actions of the little old lady who swung her handbag at him before running, whilst screaming hysterically, towards the nearest exit - with her hands waving above her head - as the reflection of flashing blue lights in the nearby shop windows announced the arrival of the ‘boys in blue’.

Yes, of course I exaggerate – but to what extent I shall leave you to ponder on … oh I love it, I love it – writing can be SO much fun.

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