Friday 17 August 2007

Weird Weekend – and so it continues apace

We now have the wonderful Ronan Coghlan with us – he arrived yesterday afternoon from Ireland – and, throughout the day today, we are expecting several more people to be with us.

Last night, of course, we held the CFZ cocktail party, which is held on the Thursday evening every year to officially launch the Weird Weekend. We all had a great time, met some new friends and are all present and correct this morning – sans headaches! No hangovers here folks!

I was up at 7.30 am as usual (blowing my own trumpet again there folks) and made a start on clearing up. Matt Osbourne and his friend Pixi were the first of ‘the crew’ to arrive and immediately got their sleeves rolled up and got stuck in. By 10.00 am, with the added help of Mark, Oll and Peter Channon, the place was spick and span again. Thanks guys!

However, the evening was not without its spills. Poor Jon hurt his foot last night – no he was not under the influence (and I mean that most sincerely folks) - in fact, Mark did exactly the same thing, at exactly the same spot, but escaped injury. Our garden is not the best lit of its kind in the dark, and Jon tripped over one of the guy ropes to the gazebo and landed awkwardly on the lawn, twisting his ankle. However, he has now had some first aid administered (from our resident first aider – Matt Osbourne), who confirmed that bones were all as they should be, a tubigrip applied, and has been told to rest the foot as much as possible.

Now, anyone who knows Mr. Downes – especially at this time of the year – will soon realise that the last instruction was not going to be adhered to for very long. As I write this he is in the office, checking his emails and sorting out what needs to be done by whom, and when. He is under strict instructions from ‘er upstairs to put as little weight on it as possible, and has been threatened with pointy sticks if he ignores her. (Well – he was the one who insisted on adding the ‘obey’ bit in his vows as well so he is jolly well going to adhere to them lol – aha hoisted by his own petard.)

As is normal for the Friday of this event, it is Open Day at CFZHQ today so Graham is busy making preparations for the barbeque. We are all looking forward to welcoming visitors here to show them around our collection of animals and have a friendly chat. The sun has not exactly got his hat on, but looks to be making a valiant effort at trying to poke through the clouds, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a rain-free afternoon.

At 6.00 pm tonight, the doors at the Community Centre open. There is still much to do – those last minute things that seem to be the most time consuming – along with people to meet from trains at Barnstaple.

It looks to be a very busy afternoon.

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