Saturday 18 August 2007

Weird Weekend - and now this happens

At 3.30 am I looked at the clock and thought to myself, ‘hmm I am supposed to be up tomorrow to write a blog entry, send an important text, make sure the cakes get to the hall, find my ‘dressing-up’ frock for the Mad Hatter’s Teaparty, and locate some plastic bags.’

Here it is now – 9.30 Saturday morning and I have at least managed item two on the list! Please forgive the rather hurried entry, therefore.

Yesterday was one of those days that you just wish could start again so you could go at it in a different way! Everything was going reasonably well until one of our guests took a turn for the worse. He should not really have come, but had brought a friend with him to look after him whilst he was here and thought it would be OK.

I will not go into details – it is not really something one talks about freely – but he became very ill and was sick several times whilst in our kitchen. Unfortunately, this was on the day that we had people drifting in and out of the house for our Open Day – children included. Eventually, we had to call an ambulance to the poor chap, but he refused to go with them. It was all very distressing – he is a dear friend and we only wished to do what was best for him. After some deep thinking and lots of phone calls, in the end it was arranged that one of his friends would pick them both up and take them home.

Aside from this, visitors were coming and going, together with various speakers and other guests arriving at Barnstaple station, facilitating pick-ups.

At last it was time for everyone to make his or her way down to the Community Centre. For a short period of time, there was quiet in the cottage. Time to savour a cup of coffee at last.

By the way, Jon’s foot improved through the day thank goodness, so, come the evening, he was able to ‘do his thing’ without too much trouble.

The lights went down, Jon made his introduction and the show began - it is not very often you see a dragon in Woolsery, but this is exactly what greeted those present …

We have pictures folks, and we will of course, be putting these up as soon as we can.

Today promises to be very exciting and I will post again tomorrow – probably with eyes even less open than they are today!

Right, now where is that list again?

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