Sunday 16 September 2007

And then a hero comes along

Hello everybody! As Jon has written on his blog – we are back home now, basically in one piece, but still shaken from the events of last Thursday night, with sore necks and limbs, and bruises that seem to multiply overnight. And yes, folks, it was the 13th of the month (did I really write before about liking the word Triskaidekaphobia (phobia of the number 13?) – well hush my mouth. We only got the new car on Tuesday night, but I can at least say that I managed to drive her once – from here to Portsmouth. However, I have not even sent off the registration transfer document yet – oh well.

Whilst sitting in the hospital waiting for a doctor to look us over, and for the police to arrive for our statements, I remembered (as you do) that the sat nav was still in the car – I wonder if it is still instructing us to keep left and leave the motorway? Perhaps they should invent one that warns us to watch our backs for idiots who suddenly decide to cross lanes without thinking whether they do, in fact, have enough room to perform such a manoeuvre? One born every minute! Anyway, accidents happen and at least everyone in the four vehicles concerned all managed to walk away without any bones broken.

The evening was brightened up, however, with a piece of happy news - a woman arrived outside the A & E and promptly gave birth in the car she had travelled in. Not good timing on her part, granted, but, as far as we know, both mother and baby were OK. There definitely is one born every minute – but this time in the best possible way lol!

Thanks to all of you who have sent us your best wishes – Jon and I really appreciate it. I don’t know how he managed to keep control of the car under those horrendous circumstances, but the big guy did good! Thanks Jon – I guess this makes you my knight in shining armour! But then I knew that already....

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Jon Downes said...

I'm no hero, but when I thought I was within a nanosecond of losing my darling wife, I did what needed to be done....

Corinna my love, you are the most important thing in my world, and are the complete lodestone of my exictence. It terrifies me to realise how close I could have come to losing you forever the other night!