Thursday 20 September 2007


Guess what? A kind of squashed cherry arrived today – well more like a half-chewed sultana actually. I had sent my driving licence off – at last – to get it updated with my new surname and address last week, and my bright spanking new one arrived today. It has now been returned. Why? Well they got the address change right, but my single name was still emblazoned across everything, which is of absolutely no use whatsoever as this seems to be my only valid form of official identification at the moment. Yes, before you ask, I did fill the form in correctly, and, yes, I checked this morning – I took a photocopy (aaah wise girl, those years in an office have paid off). I do wonder, though, why someone with the surname ‘James’ would have signed the documents with the surname ‘Downes’, but hey who am I to question such things?

It will now take about another week before I get it back.

I am beginning to understand why, these days, a lot of women decide to keep their single name after getting married. I always used to assume it was just for professional reasons, but I have come to realise, after trying to update such mundane things as bank accounts, driving licences etc., that it is probably the easiest thing to do.

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