Friday 15 August 2008

Life is just like a box of chocolates

Ten hours after posting my blog earlier this morning, I am now attempting to catch up on the daily reports – at the moment there is a refreshing lull in proceedings so I am upstairs in ‘my office’ typing this up, and sorting out the floats, lists etc etc.

Everyone is in fine fettle after last night’s festivities - all the glasses have been washed up, dried and put away and the garden has been tidied up in readiness for the Open Day prior to the doors at the Community Centre officially opening tonight.

Most importantly today, though, is the fact that it is Ronan’s 60th birthday! So Happy Birthday dear Ronan! I am not sure, however, that the morning of such a special day should be spent, tea-towel in hand, helping to dry up over a hundred glasses!

You will pleased to learn that, thankfully in the end, last night went off without any problems – there was no wind, no rain and, apart from being a bit chilly later on, the evening was perfect. The piñata gave up its goodies to the children willingly and all seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly.
The champagne flowed, together with an interesting black cocktail called Soul of the Sasquatch - specially concocted for the occasion by Olivia and Robert.

Truly Terrifying Tipple - the 2008 Weird Weekend Cocktail Bar

We also received a call from Matthew Williams last night to say that he would be arriving sometime during this afternoon at a nearby airstrip. This, in itself, is not that amazing in the grand scheme of things, but if I tell you that the dear fellow’s mode of transport is a microlight you may understand why I have given it special mention. What an entrance eh? The well-known catchphrase “And all because the lady loves Milk Tray” comes to mind. We definitely wish him happy landings.

The next two postings will be rushed affairs before heading off to the hall, but I shall do my best to keep you all informed of events as they unfurl.

See you all tomorrow morning then, bright and early.

Olivia and Robert (who is doing a rather dashing impression of Alex from A Clockwork Orange) standing proudly in front of all their hard work!

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