Friday 13 February 2009

New kids on the crypto-block #3

Yesterday found us halfway through my introductions of our four new area reps. Today it is the turn of our third - Jan Edwards – our rep in County Durham.

"Ok, a bit about me... Age 51 and a bit, I am the Head of Animal Care of Farplace Animal Rescue. I am also an animal behaviourist, dog trainer, groomer, writer. I generally have around 300 animals to care for at any one time, ranging from African Land Snails, degus and mice, to pigs, sheep and a Siberian goat. I am very into mini-beasts, inverts, amphibians, reptiles... Love snails, slugs, spiders. All in all I’m a bit of a weirdo. I do a lot of work with feral cats and wildlife. The feral cats are the biggest problem. They are not “pets” but they are not fully “wildlife” – they are a bit of both, but don’t get the protection that either group get. My biggest challenge (and biggest thrill) is acting as midwife for a feral mother, when she’s having a difficult labour.... to help a stuck kitten into the world when the mother is hanging from the roof of the cage and trying to amputate your limbs, head, eyes.... SUCH good fun!

I have been interested in out-of-place animals all my life, but it really grabbed my interest when I saw my first Big Cat – a black puma / leopard – some 13 years ago.

The Cat walked through a flock of sheep in a neighbouring field. The sheep barely glanced at her and carried on grazing. She weaved her way through the flock and jumped over the dry stone wall into the next field where she was lost from view.... but because she was amongst the sheep, I could see the size of the beast in comparison. She was shorter in height than the sheep. Her body about as long, and her tail, which was held low, but not quite touching the ground, was about as long again. Her coat reflected the shimmer of the summer sunshine, and looked like black satin. She was amazing.

We have seen her (or her relatives) several times since then, but that first image shall stay with me forever
Welcome to the CFZ, Jan!


Anonymous said...

good to see Jan as a regional rep.I have known her for more years than we care to remeber and she was instrumental in showing me how cute degu's are but what a nuisance they are to keep alive!

Unknown said...

My hat goes off to you for midwifing feral cats.....heh

Burts Bees Resque (sp) ointment is the best thing I have found for cat bites/scratches *grin*