Wednesday 4 February 2009

Snow, white with seven choices

OK, after my last entry it actually snowed properly. None of the mealy-mouthed effort of the day before. Oh no, that was weather lulling us into a false sense of security. This was a full blown overnight downfall which left the garden under a thick blanket of the stuff just begging to be trampled through.

Now, like children (and some adults) all over the country, the CFZ was agog with excitement. For us, this was the day that we would learn what Biggles thought of it all. You could hear the sound of a pin drop as the lead was attached to the collar for the first time that morning. We all knew that there could be several outcomes of this first foray into the world of snow. Of the most popular suggestions, those below stood out more. Would he:

a) totally ignore it?
b) be scared of it?
c) roll around in it?
d) eat it?
e) notice it but not really care two figs?
f) refuse to walk in it (as he refuses to walk through puddles if he can avoid it)?
g) bark at it?

The door was opened, and ....... well nothing really. Trying to keep our spirits up and not give in to the feelings of despondency at his seemingly distinct lack of interest, "OK", we thought. "Perhaps he was just so desperate to perform his first wee of the day that he didn't notice anything different, it was a bit overcast after all".

However, after several scientific experiments (well trips out for the evacuation of bowels and emptying of bladder to put it in a less dramatic and more precise way) it was discovered that only two of the above applied.

So, as a silly exercise, here are a couple of photos so you can see whether you can guess which two they were. One is obvious, the other, however, could be a tad deceiving as a stills photo does not give the whole picture.

I may divulge the answers at a later date, but then again I may not. It may not do his street-cred any good to let on, but I shall not say more just in case I inadvertently give the game away.

However, as an added bonus, I could not let this entry close without sharing a picture of Biggles that would grace the kennels of the females of his species and get tails wagging and bring forth whines of adoration - a sort of Malborough Man of the canine world. Phwooar girls. What a pin-up eh?

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