Saturday 14 February 2009

New kids on the crypto-block #4

My last introduction is for Heather Mikhail, who is our new rep in the United Arab Emirates.

"I grew up in Devon with a keen interest in Natural History and this combined with the frequent news stories on 'The Beast' probably piqued my interest in cryptozoology. I am also a reader of the Fortean Times magazine and message board, and of course this lead to exposure to the efforts of the CFZ. My main interest is recently extinct animals such as thylacines and moas, but any cryptid, whether mythological or archival is likely to pique my interest, I am also fond of museums and the history of natural history and Zoos. So if a cryptid is old and somehow connected with Natural History I'm there!There have always been women in the 'masculine' worlds of exploration and Natural History and I suppose I feel I am carrying on the legacy of women like Isabella Bird and Beatrix Potter in my own small way."

So a very warm welcome to Heather. All here at the CFZ hope that she, together with Naomi, Lanette and Jan, all have fun being part of our team.

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