Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The day of the car

Today, Tuesday, is the day in the Daihatsu’s diary when she receives her annual spruce up. For one weekend in the year, she gets a clean – well inside at least. Several bin bags of rubbish will be removed to enable any passengers to actually place their feet on the carpeting instead of having to rest them on a pile of empty bottles and sandwich containers. Yes, the carpets inside will be seen again – albeit briefly – I wonder how many items of crockery/cutlery will be found this time?!

Yesterday, we merely had a slalom course through the kitchen, but since last night we have now made a show-jumping course in the dining room with more boxes of essentials for the event. Our very own Olympics are building up nicely it would seem.
David and Ross are erected the small gazebo on the top lawn as I write this and everything else has been ticking along as it basically should – rehearsals at the hall are due tonight.

The worrying thing, however, is that there are severe weather warnings – will the marquee and gazebo stay put?


Anonymous said...

Oh crikey, not severe weather warnings as well. I was expecting a spot of rain and had prepared, but I suspect the bike ride to and from tomorrow's cocktail party might be a little, err, eventful to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Aha - well the sky is blue this morning (Thursday) and the wind has dropped so you may manage to remain firmly in the saddle after all - well on the way here at any rate. The return journey may also depend on .. well, you know. A case of being three sheets to the wind perhaps! Well I couldn't resist that pun could I?