Wednesday 30 December 2009


Poor Jon has worked hours on refurbishing the website over the Christmas holidays only to wake up yesterday morning to find that the CFZ Press Releases (which I painstakingly ‘cut and pasted’ on Sunday afternoon) and Newsblog had been taken down due to what was called ‘spamming’. Whether someone had reported us maliciously or whether it was just some spambot doing its ‘1984’ work we are not sure but it is extremely irritating and a bit of a kick in the face for Jon. Considering all these things have been available since the blog started at the beginning of the year, it really does not make sense.

Perhaps we are being a bit oversensitive, but considering all the negativity that has happened since the Killarney Lake monster video on YouTube it does make your suspicions run away with themselves. As you all know, my pictures all disappeared from my blog and although I have received an email to say the problem should now be fixed, absolutely nothing has changed and they are still AWOL.

Let us all hope that the problem will be sorted out as soon as possible and that our suspicions of third party malcontent are proved wrong.

Poor Gavin and Oll must feel particularly deflated after they have put so much into their respective blog entries over the past year to see it all disappear in such a way.

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Anonymous said...

Corrina, as you probably have heard from the regular CFZ blog, I have been having problems sending Jon contributions all years, and it it a problem that specifically targets my emails to Jon and usually results in the deletion of the attached photos, sometimes the entire messages.

That could be a bbot run wild. I seriously doubt it. Since I have independant problems originating from the parties taking offense at you about the Killarney lakes video, I strongly suspect direct covert action by the same parties, or their agents, are involved in both cases.