Tuesday 15 December 2009

Mmmm pie

A teenage boy is a veritable eating machine; two of them together and it is as if a plague of locusts has descended upon your dining room table. Their stomachs take on the character of a bottomless pit that wails for more food seemingly no matter how much is fed to it. I really wish I knew where they put it all. If I ate the amount they consume I would be bigger than the Michelin Man in around a month.

Anyway, I found myself cooking for seven people last night – two of whom were of the aforementioned sub-species (Max and David) – so I knew right from the start that to merely double up on the ingredients would not be enough. Nope I had to triple everything instead! I am just glad that I have a big cooker. How did Ma Walton do it? And she had Grandma and Grandpa to feed too – I believe, if I remember correctly, that that added up to a whopping eleven mouths to feed! Walton’s Mountain must have shuddered under the sheer weight of all the potatoes she had in her kitchen and the cows must have groaned every time they saw her coming with the milking stool.

Why seven people to supper? The annual CFZ General Army Council meeting that’s why. This is usually held in January each year, but as it would be difficult to get everyone concerned together in January – and they all happened to be here in Woolsery this week – it was decided to hold it this month instead.

At least there was just enough to ensure that the bottomless pits managed a second helping so all was well. And there were chocolate biscuits and mince pies for afters too. Bless ‘em.

“Night Ma”.

“Night Jim-Bob”.

“Night Pa”.

“Night Jim-Bob”.

“I’m hungry Ma”.

“Be quiet Jim-Bob”.

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