Thursday 17 December 2009

Ferry Feline Frolics

Our ginger cat, Spider, has used some pretty extreme ways of trying to get attention. His usual method is to fall off the back of sofas, windowsills or some equally lofty position. He even jumped out of the bedroom window once, scaling the wall on his descent before leaping to the grass below and then wandering off nonchalantly after his impressive display of extreme sport. Let us just hope he doesn’t come across the story of Sandi, the ginger tom from Hampshire, whose recent escapade will make him some kind of urban myth amongst cats in their midnight haunts – the Kit-e-Kat clubs - around the country.

Sandi decided that it would be a good idea to hitch a ride on a ferry to Bilbao, Spain, leaving his ‘owners’ frantic with worry when he went missing for three days. Luckily for Sandi, they had had the foresight to get him microchipped, enabling him to be spared the probable fate of being put down upon his arrival in Spain. As it is, he will now have to spend up to six months in quarantine before being able to return home.

Luckily for us, there is no easy access for such an escapade for Spider. The only thing he could probably do was hitch a ride on a tractor from one field to another and as he is one of the laziest cats I have come across, he probably couldnt' be bothered.

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