Tuesday 3 November 2009

See you later alligator

It is one of those requests that makes many parents let out a sigh of resigned despair. “Hey mum, it is show and tell next week. What can I take to school with me?”

Apparently, this posed no such despondent response from a wildlife officer in Florida recently when he decided that a recently caught alligator would be top of the exhibits at his daughter’s school. He took along the captured creature, with its mouth taped shut as an obviously safe precaution.

All went well, and the alligator was a hit. I am sure his daughter was suitably chuffed and proud of her dad.

However, unfortunately his efforts left him with a slight amount of egg on his face when the alligator made a dash for it as it was being loaded back on to the truck. Alligators are pretty good jumpers and, although perhaps not matched with Lynford Christie in the sprinting stakes, can give a pretty good spurt of speed when they need to. Clearly, escape was top on the wish list for this particular captive and off it sped, tape still in situ, down to a local pond. It has since evaded recapture.

As long as it does not lose the tape it will be easily recognisable they say. However, surely this also means that the poor creature will not be able to eat anything?

Let us hope they can catch it in time and release it in a more civilised manner.

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Naomi said...

Oh NO. I hope they find him soon! Poor thing.