Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Intuition, Inanity or just plain Insanity

A strong intuition can be a very useful sense to possess, but it can also be a sod if it proves correct in its assumptions when you would rather it didn’t. Saturday was one of those occasions when it punched me between the eyes and said ‘See I told you so’.

It put me out of sorts for the rest of the day, but no doubt I shall be able to file it away in a dusty compartment along with the others collected over the years. I am assuming that this sense matures as your body does – well in my case it certainly seems to at any rate. Over the last five years or so it has become more active and has been proved to be a reliable forewarning on every occasion so far. However, not all confirmations of this weird feeling that something is amiss manifest themselves straightaway – it can take months to do so, but a confirmation does reveal itself eventually.

The question is, should you actually rely on it to lead you through your daily life, or should you try to suppress it and rely on your other instincts, for example good old fashioned common sense? Or is this such a strong instinct in its own right that it should be listened to and not ignored? When that feeling in your very bones screams out that something is not quite right with X, Y or Z should you accept that you are being given a pertinent suspicion and go with it?Many people say they have a strong intuition, but does each person who says they possess it actually experience it in the same intensity as others? Or is it just a basic sense that kicks in for self-preservation akin to flight or fight, but with more warning?

Can you have an intuition about more than one thing at the same time? Does it have its own agenda and cross items off as and when they are proven? Why does it kick in and from where? Does intuition continue to sniff out a result or does it have a cut off point? And when does intuition cross over into premonition?

Quite frankly, I am intrigued by the whole subject. Or am I just slowly sliding off my trolley?

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