Tuesday 20 October 2009

Biggles in an adventure with precipitation

Biggles has placed himself in a rather odd situation. He has yet to go outside for his morning tour around the bushes (to put it delicately) and it is already gone 11.00 am. Remember, this is a border collie we are talking about here - a naturally energetic, outside, go get ‘em kind of dog. So what is the reason for him walking around the house with a slightly desperate look on his face? Simple - it is raining....not men.... not even cats and dogs (although the former of this last pair would usually stir some kind of doggy excitement)...just a continuous downfall of the wet stuff. Yes, the intrepid hero does not want to get his feet wet.

I wonder how long he can hold off the inevitable. And no, I am not going to escort him around the shrubbery with an umbrella before anyone suggests that I do. What would Shep have said? Definitely no Blue Peter badge for Biggles methinks.


Syd said...

"no, I am not going to escort him around the shrubbery with an umbrella"

You mean person

Retrieverman said...

Gosh, he's far removed from his ancestors who rounded up sheep in the Cheviot Hills in all sorts of weather.

You're lucky, though, he's not a golden retriever. They tend to like getting out in the rain, which is okay, but they also have a tendency of not only not avoiding mud puddles but also going right in. I always have to keep the water hose handy when I have my dogout.

Anonymous said...

Our Collie, Amiee, hates the rain, if she has to go use the garden... however, she runs around like a nutter when I take her to the woods or onto the Moor even in the heaviest downpour.