Tuesday 20 October 2009

Telephone line

I am slightly befuddled this morning. Jon and I had a ‘phone call last night – well on the cusp of last night and this morning really to be more precise. Dear Tony Shiels telephoned to have a chat - a chat which lasted until around 4.30 am! I have to admit that, just before the call ended, I dozed off a bit on the sofa with Biggles curled up beside me, but when it became time to ‘climb the wooden hills to Bedfordshire’ I did not think it worth going to bed so have been up all night ‘surfing the net’ for interesting things. You know how it ends up. One link leads to another, and before you know it you are reading about something completely unrelated to what you started out researching.

I began looking for something witty for this blog which took me to a story about a woman in Australia who, when asked by her husband to choose between him and her pet crocodile, settled for the latter - a decision which culminated in her divorcing her other half. Then there was the chap in Germany who got his trousers caught in a train carriage door after mooning at the train in response to his being thrown off for not having a ticket. Then I found myself reading about Percy the cat who regularly catches the miniature North Bay Railway train to go visit the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough to watch the fish and penguins. And so it went on.....and I never really found anything particularly witty in the end.

What of our chat with Tony? It was four and a half hours very nicely spent thank you.... it is always lovely to speak to him, no matter what time of day or night.

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Anonymous said...

Early morning phone calls? Sounds like the kind of behaviour often practiced by the man Doc calls "King Gamble, the Roman Candle Man." I didn't get a chance to ask King Gamble himself (the late Ken Campbell) about his ultimately thwarted efforts to produce a Shiels play ("Distant Humps" ?) for London's theatreland. Be nice to hear more about it when Herr Doktor writes his 'effing memoirs.