Monday 26 October 2009

Monster travel - 60s style

I see that a man from Taunton has created a 'psychedelic hearse to offer funky funerals to the hippy generation'.  A lot of those folks who were sharing love and peace in the heady days of flower power are getting on a bit now, and - planning ahead - he reckons they wouldn't want their last journey to be taken in the back of a boring black hearse.  He adds that it could also be used for transporting such things as surf boards for the 'beach bum' generation or even for festival goers to use on their annual wet weekends.

But I reckon the CFZ should buy it. Just think of all those tripods and other special filming equipment you could get in the back for those so-called specially staged monster sightings that we have been accused of - we could even fit in a model of Nessie!

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