Sunday 25 October 2009

Rodent airways

A tiny stowaway grounded a flight bound for Heathrow at JFK Airport, New York last weekend. After a mouse was seen scampering through the cabin before take-off, the pilot decided that serious problems could be caused by the little rodent gnawing through wires (we all know the little scamps love to do such things). He therefore requested a replacement plane, an action that - in turn - caused the three hundred passengers a wait of around three hours before they could continue their journey.

I wonder how long the little creature had been on the Delta Airways plane, and where it had boarded? It was probably just minding its own business and looking for tiny morsels dropped by passengers after eating their delicious in-flight meals, but you never know it may well have had inside information that in a recent poll, Heathrow - for the second year running - had come out as the worst airport in the world, and was just trying to delay the horrors that awaited the passengers.

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