Friday 30 October 2009

Spoon Menace

I noticed a little news story on Ananova which made me smile.

A normal day in a branch of a bank in Lublin, Poland was shattered when a robber tried to steal the cash. The staff and customers threw themselves to the floor in terror when he pulled out a 'gun' and demanded the money with the immortal phrase "This is a stick up". It was only when they noticed that the 'weapon' the ginger-haired crook was brandishing before them was, in fact, a piece of stainless steel cutlery - namely a spoon - that they relaxed.

He left empty-handed, of course, but presumably a bit red in the cheeks from embarrassment at the laughter that followed him.

Police spokeswoman, Renata Laszczka-Rusek, said: "It's a weird one but he broke the law and we want to find him."

Here are four suggestions for his strange actions:

1. He pulled out the wrong thing from his jacket - the spoon may have been left over from his picnic lunch and the real 'gun' was in his other pocket, or
2. He had recently watched the Monty Python sketch about self-defence against fresh fruit, and having no fruit available (or pointy stick) selected the piece of cutlery instead, or
3. He had lost his fork, or
4. He was a little bit crazy

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