Saturday 3 April 2010

Jerry and the blackbird

Poor Jon is not very well at the moment. A lot of people have misconceptions of bipolar – they think that it is more or less just a matter of highs and lows, but the truth is that there are several different types of the disease and whilst medication in the main helps, there are times when it doesn’t much. My father was a manic depressive so I knew vaguely what to expect with Jon, but I was taken aback with the severity that can manifest itself upon occasion. He can get so bad that he cannot speak properly and has trouble with the basics like walking and can become clumsy beyond belief. Coupled with diabetes and heart problems it all adds up to a pretty horrendous time for him sometimes.

However, the animals still need to be tended to and yesterday was a special day for Jerry the jackdaw as it was the day he was to be transferred from his winter accommodation in the conservatory back into his large aviary. As you may know, Jerry is the rescue who preferred our company to the big wide world despite our efforts not to imprint ourselves upon him, whereby when we let him free he opted to return to his aviary a day or so later. Ever since yesterday morning though his aviary has been bombarded by a territorial blackbird who seems to think poor Jerry is an interloper and has invaded its territory. I suppose it is plucky of the blackbird and I know they can be quite aggressive towards other creatures when nesting time comes around. I have often watched blackbird attack cats at this time of year – they simply do not have any fear and have to be applauded for such. However, as Jerry has been a stakeholder in the desirable plot in the garden for over a year, this blackbird is just going to have to put up with it.

I was also slightly amused this morning to see that a lady in California has built her three dogs a substantial 11 foot high ‘house’ outside in her yard, which is supposedly a copy of her own - complete with all the extras, including a TV, vaulted ceilings and air conditioning. It has cost her something like £13,000 to build, and boasts a picket fence around a tiny garden. If the building has been constructed out of wood, let us hope that the three dogs in question have outgrown the gnawing stage or the structure could well topple over due to enthusiastic teeth attacking the foundations.

I hope you all have a pleasant Easter Sunday.

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